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Ford Mustang 50th

Project Description

When we think of the Ford Mustang, a lot comes to mind. All the ponies under the hood, a side kick to James Bond in Goldfinger, sexy as all hell, straight up rock and roll and the list goes on and on. The Mustang will always represent an America past time of road tripping and racing down main streets. The Mustang is and always will be American.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary I was tasked to come up with concepts for a home page take over, to celebrate the new redesigned Mustang. This was a big deal, how do you encompass 50 years into one banner? My goal was to showcase the new design through user interaction on the initial load of the banner. A gas peddle was in place to entice the user to click and which would then start the banner. Photos, videos, a 360 degree view and a customer colorizer were put into place to give a user a front row view of what they could get their hands on.