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Internal Landing Page

Ford Vs Competition


Within there is a section where a new customer can compare a Ford vehicle to the competition and see the Pros and the Cons. When a customer is in the market for a new vehicle, this landing page was an important tool to help them make their decision with vehicle driven data. 






2 Months


User Research
User Testin
UI Design

 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

With this project I worked with our interanl UX team to help facilitate designs based off of current trends and user studies. The current design of this landing page was far from energic or inviting, with a bare minumun color palette, interactions or animations, and a focus on table data, this page was screaming to be redesigned. Having an open canvas to work with shouldn’t be that challenging, right? With creative freedom, comes many voices and opinions, and one needs to listen and pick and choose what they actually need to implement into designs. Needles to say the real issues came from a small place called Texas.

Project Features

My task was to come up with a redesign from user and retailer feedback for their FDAF compare pages, that compared Chrome Data from both Ford vehicles and their competition. This gave customer’s, that were in the market for a new vehicle, a more in-depth way to view the statistical data between Ford and the competition.