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SRG Global

Project Description

SRG Global is a manufacturer of chrome plated plastic parts for the automotive and commercial truck industries. SRG came to us with a problem that was affecting their sales representatives in the field. When they were traveling, they were at the mercy of bringing metal containers that housed the chrome plated show pieces. Not the most ideal situation and this was becoming more and more of a issue.  When SRG approached us they already had a game plan, let’s create an app. The solution was to develop a tablet/mobile app that would be A) more beneficial for the sales teams, and B) a better and more efficient way to view/showcase the broad spectrum of the chrome plated finishes. You can see all of the chrome finishes on their website here.

Project Details

Client SRG Global
Skills UX Design, UI Design, CGI, App Development
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Project Features

Providing the field teams the capabilities to have a better user experience was the ultimate goal.  They were able to showcase the exact same chrome plates in a more suitable fashion within our app. 360 slider, three color cast, plate comparison, and the ability to email multiple vendors with plate codes and actual images was a tremendous step in the right direction.