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Mobile App Dashboard

FordPass / LincolnWay


FordPass and LincolnWay mobile applications have gone through a full blown redesign, and need to add more attention for their PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) on the dashboard screen. The new design has a cleaner, more straight forward look and feel that will bring more features and strengthen the user experience.






3 Months


User Research / Testing
Front End Development
UI Design
Interaction Design
Design Thinking

 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

One of the biggest challenges was having the designs presented in a card/wallet type format, and then transitioning to an open more breathable feel with an emphasis on the vehicle image and features. Aspects like the vehicle controls and smart card couldn’t be moved or adjusted, so trying to design around very limited space was interesting. 

Phase 2

Expanded Container

• Moving personalization to a Smart Card provides more space above, and further reinforces the utility of timely information in the tiles

• More space for vehicle details means no moving of the horizon line, and not shrinking the vehicle

• Provides a flexible area for different values to display across vehicle types (e.g., battery percentage was the most important data point identified from the consumer testing for PHEV, or in AP add internal air quality measurement)

• Redevelopment of the page containers could be containable to several months of effort

• Additional development for the subsequent components in the top container to accommodate new height of the modules

Phase 3

•There was more clarity and direction in this phase, we still had the challenges of space and technical capabilites to address but, the designs were headed in the right direction

• Push boundaries and utilize the space 

• Continue to display PHEV data with new components