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Tablet & Mobile App

SRG Global


SRG Global is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high value coatings on plastic for the automotive and commercial truck industries.


SRG Global




3 Months


Tablet & Mobile App
UX Research & Testing
UI Interaction Design

 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

Currently, when their sales employees are tasked with traveling for sales pitches, conferences, meet and greet, etc. and are required to bring this cumbersome brief case that is filled with physical chrome plates to demonstrate their capabilities as a company.  Their ask was to eliminate the brief case all together and have their sales people have the ability to present the same experience in the digital world and have a 1:1 user experience and engagement on a tablet and in a mobile application.

SRG Global is a manufacturer of chrome plated plastic parts for the automotive and commercial truck industries. Our Team was approached with a problem that was affecting SRG Global’s sales representatives in the field when they were traveling.   They were at the mercy of bringing heavy metal containers that housed their chrome plated showpiece examples, which is not the most ideal situation and was becoming extremely cumbersome.  When SRG approached us, they had already figured out a game plan of creating an app that fit their needs, however they did not have the current wherewithal to do so. The solution on my end as a UX/UI designer, was to develop a tablet/mobile app that would be A). more beneficial for their sales teams, and B). a better, more efficient way to view/showcase the broad spectrum of the chrome plated finishes. You can see all of the chrome finishes on their website here.

Project Features

The ultimate goal was to provide the SRG field teams the capabilities to have a better and more efficient user experience.  They were able to showcase the exact same chrome plates in a digital fashion within our created app that included a 360 slider, three color casts, and plate comparisons.  By enabling the Sales Team the ability to email multiple vendors plate codes and real images, it established a game changing improvement from the previous process and was an all-around tremendously successful UX/UI collaborative design.